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Entrepreneurs and Podcasters alike can learn how to effectively use podcasts in their business. Check out our events & courses below:

Ready To Take Your Podcast Skills To The Next Level?

You're Curious About Podcasting...

Maybe you've seen others in your industry on podcasts. 

Or maybe you've been on a few podcasts yourself, but you're not sure what to do with them. 

Or maybe you're ready to start a podcast yourself, and finally have your message be heard. 

It's Time To Get Serious About Podcasting! 


Join The Podcast Pro Academy & Learn From Top Experts On All Things Podcasting:

   Uplevel your podcast guesting skills by guesting on mid to top tier podcasts.

   Create your own podcast using with easy to follow walk-throughs. 

 Network with fellow experts and make connections to grow your visibility and credibility. 

   Skyrocket your visibility with leveraging your podcast appearances in front of your potential clients. 

  Learn the successful formula to being an A-List podcast guest that everyone wants to book.

   Grow your list of followers by using podcast guesting to share your value based content. 

Podcast Pro Academy Is For You If You Want:


The Podcast Pro Academy is for you if you're ready to pitch, produce, and profit from podcasting. 

Learn the proper way to pitch a podcast host to get booked and grow your network of warm leads, extend your visibility reach, and share your message with a new audience.

Turn your message into your masterpiece by creating a podcast that can be in the ears of millions. Sharing your unique message is a great way to find the equally unique person who's ready to take action on it.

Learn how to leverage your podcasting experience in order get infront of your potential clients. Turn your passion into profit!

We've taken the hard work out of podcasting by creating the Podcast Pro Academy that includes over 10 years of expertise in podcasting, networking and marketing. Each carefully crafted course is here to help you succeed in the podcasting world. Podcast Pro Academy enables you to: 

  • Feel confident in your skills as you grow in your podcasting journey
  • Attract higher paying clients as you learn how to leverage your podcast
  • Finally understand the tech behind running your podcast successfully
  • Have access to a community of other podcasters and find support on your podcasting journey. 
  • Big Picture Podcasting with Sheila Galligan & Lyssa Wales

    “"Many Thanks! I started pitching just a few days back for the very first time. I didn’t wanted to wait any longer, or be perfect. Decided to put myself out there. Within a few hours of me posting I started getting booked almost immediately." ”

  • Big Picture Podcasting with Sheila Galligan & Lyssa Wales

    “"Thank you for this great workshop -- inspiring and so practical! Such accessible teaching" ”

    Director of Meditation in Toronto

  • Big Picture Podcasting with Sheila Galligan & Lyssa Wales

    “"How much time one needs to allocate for research, post, outreach & follow-up. Thank goodness for you, Sheila Galligan and your team doing what you love to do freeing others like me up to do what I love to do. Team work!" ”

We Get It, You're Busy But Want The Best...

We know you're a busy person, perhaps you're an entrepreneur, podcaster or coach ready to learn something new. Or maybe you've been struggling in your podcast journey and you're ready to turn your DIY'ing from do-it-yourself to done-it-ya'll! 

That's why we created the Podcast Pro Academy. 

We wanted to give you QUALITY trainings in all things podcasting with specific skills that you could access at the click of a button. 

If you've looked at podcast programs and e-courses which cost hundreds of dollars and struggled to commit to that amount financially, this is a great opportunity to learn SO MUCH at an affordable monthly price.

Most courses that cover this content start at $1297 and up.  

Podcast Images (1).png

Podcast Pro Academy is only $47/month and includes: 

  • 3 Ready to access podcasting courses to help you Pitch. Produce. and Profit. 
  • Professionally designed one-sheets templates you can customize
  • Podcast pitch templates you can use again and again
  • Expert training on how to produce a podcast successfully
  • New courses added each month
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can network and connect with other professionals on their podcast journey too.

Courses Inside The Academy


Podcast Pro: Perfect Pitches

Ready to be the guest expert on podcasts? This course will walk you through our proven strategy to sending the perfect pitch.

Coming Soon: Podcast Pro: Passion To Profit

Learn the secrets to turning your passion to profit with podcasting in our easy to follow course. 

July 2020: Podcast Pro: Production 101

Want to learns the basics of podcast production, such as recording, editing, and publishing? 

Podcast Pro: Promotion

The DIY approach to promoting your podcast episodes! 

Podcast Pro Guesting: Speed Round

Describe the feature in more detail here.

About Your Instructors

sheila new headshot 2020.jpg

Sheila Galligan

As co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting, Sheila Galligan pulls out her personal Rolodex, and books her clients on the most relevant and popular podcasts to reach their ideal audience. Sheila has helped hundreds of go-getter online entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers amplify visibility, community, and sales through the power of being interviewed. Virtual Summits for top speakers such as Lisa Sasevich, and Alison McKenzie, have been created and managed by Sheila since 2012. As of January 2020, Sheila and Lyssa have booked their clients on over 1500 interviews. 

Lyssa Wales

As co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting, Lyssa is an experienced podcast producer and marketer. With over 10 years of experience, she understands the importance of organization, time management, and the skill behind podcasting. Her skills behind the scenes in podcast launching, maintaining and marketing help her clients reach the success they desire. As of January 2020, Lyssa and Sheila have helped their clients successfully launch over 50 new podcasts. 


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