Podcast Pro Summit

Over 20+ speakers sharing their stories of inspiration, entrepreneurship, and podcast success.

Day 3 Presentations Begin In: 









Here's the details...

This Virtual Summit is for you if:

-You're interested in creating a podcast.

-You're interested in being a podcast guest.

-You want to learn the secrets of the successful podcasters & entrepreneurs.

-You're ready to take action and collaborate with others.



The Podcast Pro Summit will run from May 4th-8th 2020 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


We don't know about you, but we prefer to leave our houses as little as possible-especially right now. Lyssa's usually in her pajamas during the workday since we're a work-from-home kinda business. With that being said, you can tune into the summit from anywhere with Internet access.

Featured Speakers

Check out our featured speakers for this summit: 

Melinda Wittstock

Know, Grow and Reward Your Community by Gamifying Your Podcast

Eric Nevins

Get Curious Media & Host of Halfway There Podcast

Stacy Zant

Be The Innovative Creator with a System that Inspires Your Audience to Return for More!

Steve Stewart

Helping the Listener Consume the Content Easier

Precious Williams

Killer Pitchmaster, Founder of Perfect Pitches By Precious

Sean Douglas

Founder of The Success Corps &Host of Life Transformation Radio

Ellen Finkelstein

Change The World Marketing

Scott Carson

Investor, Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Gayle Carson

Spunky Old Broad Clubs LLC Creator of "Living Regret Free"Radio Show Host and Columnist

JJ Flizanes

Connect with the Right Audience to Create a Powerful Community and a Constant Flow of Ideal Client Leads.

Emerald Greenforest

Creative Age Consulting Group & Host of Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

Melanie Benson

How to Transform Every Podcast Interview into an Authority Boosting, Client Attraction Machine

Debbi Dachinger

Media Personality and Media Visibility & Host of Dare To Dream

Chris Salem

Become a Trusted Advisor in Your Business Through Podcasting

Erik K. Johnson

Attracting your Ideal Clients

Raven Blair Glover

Founder of Raven International TV & Podcast Broadcasting Network

Cindy J. Holbrook

Get Known as a Trusted Expert

Art Costello

The Power of Expectation

Michele Mere

Business Consultant, Speaker & Author at Decisive Minds

Michelle Kopper

Client Attracting Podcast Presence

Tamara Patzer

Beyond The Bestseller & Growing Your Authority with Podcasting

Harry Duran

Top Tips on Why Podcast Junkies has been a Top Podcast for over 8 Years

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker & Author

Jana Short

Influencer, Mindset Coach & Host of Oh, My Health...There Is Hope! Podcast

Hosted By

Two midwest gals who have a passion for helping others get their story heard, Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan create magic within the podcast world through their “big picture” a-z podcasting services. They help go-getter clients with everything from guesting and getting booked, launching & producing, to sponsorships and monetization.

Sheila Galligan (pictured left), co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting and co-host of the “Quit Your Pitching” podcast, is a multi-talented podcast pitch perfector. With years of podcast pitching experience and the success of landing 100's of interview guesting spots (since 2012) her clients rave about how guest interviews have taken their business to the next level! 

Sheila lives in the Twin Cities (MN), and in her spare time she is attending local sporting events for her six nieces and nephews and road-tripping with partner Keith.

Lyssa Wales (pictured right), co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting and co-host of the ‘Quit Your Pitching’ podcast, is a podcast producer and promoter. Her expertise in podcast production and marketing has helped over 50 new podcasters create the podcast of their dreams. Her clients have created podcasts that reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Lyssa lives near the Quad Cities (IL), and in her spare time she is "picking up" another language (speaks 8, yes 8), plays video games and enjoys taking care of her dogs with her boyfriend Anthony. 

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So How Does It Work?

Video Presentations

  • Video Presentations will be 30 minutes or less in length. The presentations will be available for 48-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other podcasters and podcast guests.
  • Some of our speakers are offering freebies that you can use to take action now.
  • Most importantly, presentations are fun and a way for you to gain more knowledge on a specific topic.
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Party It Up

  • You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and collaborate with the speakers once it kicks off.